Please see a SAMPLE of the interior pages of this book BELOW. 

Song Title Page (Two song title pages, with room for 12 song titles per page, or 24 song titles in total).

Song Diary Page (24 pages, one page per song). Document details about your song's creation.

Chord Progressions and Fretboard Layout Page (24 pages, one page per song). This page is where you plan your song's scale keys, chord progressions, fretboard tuning, and even how a Capo would be used in the song, if needed.

Lyrics, Chords, and Tabs Layouts Page (96 pages, each page has two Lyrics, Chords, and Tabs Layouts, so you have 192 Layouts total, or 8 Layouts per song). You use this page to document the actual song. You have room for four lyric verses, or one chorus, and the TAB arrangement, plus scale keys and chords. You also document the beats per measure, and the note assigned one beat, in the TAB.

Chord Construction Page (48 pages, four chord construction layouts per page, for a total of 192 layouts, or 8 layouts per song). Chord construction layouts let you document how each chord in the song will be played. You can assign a Chord NUMBER to each chord to avoid confusion with similar chords that are played differently.

Song Performance Page (24 pages, one page per song). These pages document the details of the first performances of the song.